League of Women Voters of Missouri
8706 Manchester Road, Ste 104
St. Louis, Missouri 63144-2724

Telephone: 314-961-6869 Fax: 314-961-8393

Email the league for general information & questions

Or contact one of the people below:

President — Lois Detrick
1st Vice President – Debby Waite Howard
2nd Vice President – Joan Mills
Secretary – Cindy Stephens
Treasurer – Janie Riley
Director, Organization & Development of Leagues, Membership – Elaine Blodgett
Director, Environment and Budget – Sue Brockett
Director, Agriculture – Marcia Cocozza
Director, Health, Oral History – Barb Davis
Director, Awards – Rachel Farr Fitch
Director, Elections – Linda C. McDaniel
Legislative Chair – Marty Ott
Director, Empowering Young Voters – Peg Prendergast
Director, PAVP – Jo Sapp
Director, Voter Service – Kathleen Farrell
Editor, Missouri VoterLinda Kaiser
Director, Death Penalty Abolition – Sydell Shayer
Chair, Nominating Committee – Cheryl Barnes
Executive Director, LWV Joint Office – Anna Mennerick
Webmaster – Rachel Brekhus

See also a directory of Leagues within the United States.

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