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Legislative Bulletin, Vol. XLIII, Issue 10,  May 24, 2013
Legislative Bulletin, Vol. XLIII, Issue 9,  May 10, 2013
Legislative Bulletin, Vol. XLIII, Issue 8,  April 19, 2013
Legislative Bulletin, Vol. XLIII, Issue 7,  April 5, 2013
Legislative Bulletin, Vol. XLIII,  Issue 6, March 15, 2013
Legislative Bulletin, Vol. XLIII, Issue 5,  March 1, 2013
Legislative Bulletin, Vol. XLIII, Issue 4, February 15, 2013
Legislative Bulletin, Vol. XLIII, Issue 3, February 4, 2013
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  1. Patricia del Valle

    Hi League of Women Voters,

    You have built a great website … easy to navigate, information easy to access.

    Thank You,


  2. You used to put out a pamphlet on voting on Kansas City area judges. Is that still available? If so, where?

    • Sorry, I (webmaster) did not see this comment in the approval queue earlier. I must get in the habit of checking it more often, now that commenting is enabled. I hope you found the judge information we linked to, from the Missouri Bar Association helpful in your decisions on judges. It covered all of the state. For future reference, for Kansas City information in particular, you may also want to check the website for the LWV of Kansas City, at

  3. Kevin K. Ohlemiller

    My son is learning disables, but registered to vote. I need to show him in advance what the ballot looks like, but this is surprisingly difficult. LoWV is of no help in this regard.

    • Some of Missouri’s jurisdictions are better than others at providing voters with sample ballots. Many will mail them out to all registered voters, and you may also be able to see one by looking the voter up at The Secretary of State’s website says: “Sample ballots can also be viewed at…the office of your local election authority. Sample ballots are also required to be printed twice prior to each election in newspapers of general circulation.” In the future, if you are unable to determine the local election authority for your son, we will be able to get that for you. If this website is unresponsive, as it was this time (sorry, it’s run primarily by a single volunteer who also has a full-time job and other volunteer responsibilities, who is just getting used to monitoring email for these comments) – please call the LWVMO office, which is staffed during the day, and supplemented with additional volunteers during the election season.

  4. Many thanks for posting “Publications League of
    Women Voters of Missouri”. Imight surely wind up
    being returning for even more reading and writing comments soon.

    I am grateful, Stephanie

  5. Mary Ann Fieser

    God bless you girls for ALL you do. granny

  6. Mary Ann Fieser

    I was a member of LOWV years ago, went abroad and neglected this venue. It appears that this organization is giving advice and opinions on how to vote on various issues. You have changed this organization from a service to inform to a propaganda tool for liberals. Please
    just give us information. We will decide on how we will vote.

    • Mary Ann,
      The League has always taken public stands on issues. The one thing League does NOT do is promote candidates or parties. Over the years, League stands have aligned it more closely with one party or another (in the 1920′s, for instance, it was closer to the Republican Party, the wing that favored Prohibition, among other things), but members of the League belong to both major parties and occasionally a minor (third) party. Sometimes members disagree with stands taken by either LWV-US, their state League or their local League. First and foremost however, we are for informed VOTING and protecting the right to vote. There are many other organizations that advocate for issues, and we just hope all our members, and voters in general, educate themselves AND take time to vote. That is the most important thing. Intelligent and sincere citizens can certainly disagree on issues.

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