Order items online using the Paypal buttons, or print the LWV Order Form and mail it with your check (payable to LWVMO) to:

League of Women Voters Missouri
8706 Manchester Rd. Suite 104,
St. Louis, MO 63144

or Fax to: 1-314-961-8393
or Email to:

Include your name, address, telephone number and email.

2015 League of Women Voters Calendars


  •  1 to 9 calendars – $5.00 each + shipping & handling.
  • 10 to 99 calendars – $4.50 each + shipping & handling.
  • 100 or more calendars – $4.00 each + shipping & handling.

Shipping and Handling Rates

  • 1-2 calendars – $3
  • 3-5 calendars – $6
  • 6-9 calendars – $10
  • 10-25 calendars – $15
  • 26-50 calendars – $20
  • 51+ calendars – contact us for a quote

Payment must accompany orders.
PayPal can be used to order up to 99 calendars.

1-9 Calendars @ $5.00 
10-99 Calendars @ $4.50  

For orders 100 and up contact the League office

  1. Carol J. Bergeson

    LWV MO Calendar folks,

    I thought you should see this response from one of my loyal calendar customers. I too was appalled at the lack of election dates.
    Carol Bergeson
    LWV of White Bear Area

    I will order one calendar even though I was disappointed by the last two. 2012 didn’t mark
    the primary or general election dates and the 2013 had the wrong date for the summer solstice.
    I think they were more accurate when the Mpls. League made them….
    On Fri, 7/19/13, Carol Bergeson wrote:

    Loyal Subjects: The LWV 2014
    calendars with cord are now available at $8 each.

    Please notify me of your intentions for purchase and
    delivery. I will have them at the LWV Aug. 20 picnic; they
    can be picked up at my home at anytime, or our usual
    variations on delivery can be arranged.

    Looking forward to serving you.

  2. The complaint about the lack of listing the primary and general elections might not bother those of us who do not live in your state. Does the calendar for 2014 have valid national items printed on the right dates??

  3. AT this time, we’ll have to look into your comments. National election dates would work for all states, but what about local? In Mo ours are always the first Tuesday after the first Monday.
    Thanks for buying the calendars–i

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