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Information on Fall Ballot Issues

Fact Sheet on Statewide Issues on Nov. 6 Ballot    LWV Presentation on Fall Ballot Issues
LWV Chart Comparing Marijuana Measures            Fact Sheet on Prop B (minimum wage)
Redistricting Fact Sheet                  Clean Missouri Policy Overview
Release on Amendment 1 minority voting protections

Amendment 1 Cleans Up State Politics

After careful study, LWVMO endorsed Clean Missouri’s ballot initiative in 2017. Using grants from the LWVUS Education Fund and the Election Reformers Network, LWVMO is advocating for Amendment 1 and its changes to how legislative district maps would be drawn after each census.

“Amendment 1 is our chance to increase fairness, integrity and transparency in government,” says LWVMO President Kathleen Boswell (pictured at left below at an August news conference). “Year after year, politicians are re-elected with big money, in districts drawn by politicians and party insiders. Amendment 1 limits the influence of special interest groups and ensures no party is given an unfair advantage when redistricting occurs after the next census. Amendment 1 establishes clear, transparent criteria for a nonpartisan demographer to draw fair and competitive maps to be reviewed by a citizens’ commission that will hold public hearings.”

Jeff City news conferenceAmendment 1 includes strong language making racial fairness central to the drawing of legislative districts. It sets clear criteria for drawing new maps:
–    Make districts as equal in population as practicable;
–   Comply with requirements of U.S. Constitution and applicable federal laws, such as the Voting Rights Act of 1965;
–  Promote partisan fairness, which would be defined as parties being able to translate their popular support into legislative representation with about equal efficiency;
–  Promote competitiveness, which would be defined as parties’ representation in the state legislature being similarly responsive to changes in the electorate’s preferences;
–  Create districts composed of contiguous territory;
–  Create districts which coincide with the boundaries of political subdivisions of the state; and
–  Create districts compact in form.

“The League’s position is that political and racial gerrymandering distorts and undermines representative democracy by allowing officials to select voters, rather than allowing voters to elect their officials,” Marilyn McLeod said. “Amendment 1 is our chance to clean up state politics.”

Besides improves the system for drawing fair maps, Amendment 1 bans most lobbyist gifts to legislators, lowers contribution limits for state house and senate races, requires state government to be more transparent, and makes other needed reforms. For more information and the complete text of the Constitutional amendment, go to

Advocating for a Living Wage

Seven of the eight local Leagues in Missouri are supporting Prop B to advance self-sufficiency for individuals and families.  Prop B increases the state minimum wage by 85 cents an hour each year until it reaches $12 per hour in 2023. The current state minimum wage is $7.85 an hour, which is not a living wage (defined as what an individual needs to pay for food, housing medical, child care, transportation, taxes and other basic needs). Prop B would account for changes in the Consumer Price Index after 2023 and penalize employers who do not pay their workers minimum wage. Minimum pay would also increase for restaurant staff and other exempt workers (51 percent of the minimum wage in 2019 rising to 60 percent in 2024). Government employers and businesses with annual gross income less than $500,000 are not required to pay the state minimum wage.

Click here for a fact sheet on Prop B. For more information, go to

Nov. 10 Fall Workshop in Sedalia

Our fall meeting will feature guest speakers Sarah Smith, General Manager of KMBC and KCWE TV in Kansas City, and Lafayette County Clerk Linda Niendick. Jessica Roloff will share information on the LWVUS Transitional Journey. The day’s agenda includes an update on the court cases and our high school poster contest encouraging students to register to vote, plus our plans to celebrate the centennial of women’s suffrage and the Missouri League in 2019.

State Fair Community College, Heckart Health and Science Building, Sedalia
8:30 to 9:30 am Registration/Get acquainted
Local Leagues can send a list of their attendees with the registration form (click here). Click below to use PayPal or a credit card to pay the $25 registration fee, which includes lunch. The deadline for registration is Nov. 1.
Hotel reservations are available at the Comfort Inn, 3600 West Broadway, Sedalia.

Registration Fee

LWVMO Fall Conference in Sedalia Nov. 10