Monthly Archives: December 2019

Respect Missouri Voters

“Respect the voters’ will, quit attacking Clean Missouri” is the headline on a letter to the editor in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch by LWVMO President Evelyn Maddox.

The letter comments on a quote by Dean Plocher that said he and other opponents of Clean Missouri wouldn’t “be overturning the will of the voters” if they put redistricting back on the ballot. Maddox says in the letter, “In fact, the legislature has a worrisome record of overturning Missouri voters on multiple issues, including puppy mills and casino tax revenue for education.

“After the 2010 Census, it took two years to win court approval of new maps for Missouri’s House and Senate districts that were drawn behind closed doors to protect incumbents and their parties. About 90 percent of races under the current maps have not been competitive.

“Amendment 1 will make sure that neither party gets an unfair advantage when maps are drawn and makes racial fairness central to the process. Legislative leaders from both parties will have a role in selecting an independent demographer who will use clear guidelines and state-of-the-art software to draw maps that will then be reviewed by a citizen commission that must hold public hearings. That’s what 62 percent of voters supported.”