Daily Archives: March 18, 2020

Protecting Votes in June 2 Election

LWVMO President Evelyn Maddox is calling on elected officials to release up to $20 million in federal funds to make elections more safe, secure and accessible. “We have a potential crisis on the horizon with the upcoming elections, and there are millions of dollars sitting unspent by the Secretary of State that could help local election authorities prepare.”

The Missouri Voter Protection Coalition (MOVPC) is challenging the March 11 deadline the Governor set to register to vote for municipal elections that he moved from April 7 to June 2. Since Missouri law gives voters until the fourth Wednesday before the election to register, a March 20 letter to Governor Parson stressed that the deadline should be May 6.

The Governor’s order does say youth who turn 18 by April 7 can vote in the June 2 election. The deadline to request an absentee ballot is May 20.

Missouri statute 115.277 waives the notary requirement on absentee ballots for people who are ill or confined at home due to disability. Coalition leader Denise Lieberman said the Secretary of State should allow that option for anyone sheltering at home and waive the notary requirement for all absentee ballots for the June 2 election.

The League of Women Voters is calling for a nationwide expansion of no-excuse absentee voting and mail-in ballots for 2020 elections. “Our top priority must be the health and safety of the American people while simultaneously upholding the rights of all voters.”

LWV of Metro St. Louis members have been advocating for early voting in Missouri. SB681 is awaiting action in the legislature to allow early voting sites similar to those in St. Louis County to open statewide.

Missouri is one of the few states that requires an excuse to request an absentee ballot and a notarized signature for the completed ballot. In recent letters to the editor, Maddox stressed that it’s time to make voting easier in Missouri.