Photo ID Not Needed to Vote

A ruling in the Priorities USA case earlier this year said election authorities cannot require voters without a photo ID to sign an affidavit to have their vote count. On the last day of session, the legislature passed SB631 which specifies that voters who are ill or at high risk of contracting COVID-19 can cast an absentee ballot without a notary; and allows all other voters in Missouri to vote by mail, with a notary. The new statute doesn’t waive the notary requirement for healthy voters under age 65.  

An attempt to tighten the state’s photo ID law was withdrawn from SB 631; therefore, several non-photo IDs remain acceptable to vote. The list includes a military or student ID, current utility bill or bank statement, voter notification card from the election authority, or other government document. Voters casting a ballot in person must present a valid form of ID to vote. Voters casting ballots by mail must submit a copy of their ID if they are voting for the first time since registering in the jurisdiction.

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The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging informed and active participation in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy. We never support or oppose any political party or candidate. Any person of voting age may become a League member. The LWV of Columbia-Boone County is the League's local organization. We hold forums for local elections and advocate for local issues.

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  1. Janet Hanewinkel

    Did Mike Parson sign SB 631 into law? If so, when does it go into effect.

    • The Legislature passed this. Since it is a Constitutional Amendment proposition passed by the Legislature, as we understand it, the Governor does not need to sign it into law. It will go to a ballot for a vote of the people. However, the Governor can decide when it will be on the ballot. Yesterday he said that the ballot issue on the expansion of Medicaid will be on the August ballot, but we are not aware if he has announced which election the Governor will put this issue on.

    • Dear Janet,

      Please accept my humble apologies. My previous response was not correct at all. I confused two different bills. SB631 was passed by the Legislature and was just sent to the Governor to sign on May 27. It adds an additional reason (related to COVID-19) to be able to use an absentee ballot in an upcoming election (but not June 2). Assuming he signs it, the added reason to be able to use an absentee ballot is limited to the August and November 2020 elections. The absentee ballot will still require notarization unless the reason meets the requirements listed by statute, including: the voters who are in an at-risk category for contracting or transmitting severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus are voters who:
      (1) Are sixty-five years of age or older;
      (2) Live in a long-term care facility licensed under chapter 198;
      (3) Have chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma;
      (4) Have serious heart conditions;
      (5) Are immunocompromised;
      (6) Have diabetes;
      (7) Have chronic kidney disease and are undergoing dialysis; or
      (8) Have liver disease.

      Again, please accept my apologies for the earlier erroneous response to your question. -M. McLeod, LWV-CBC

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