Monthly Archives: June 2020

LWV adopts racial justice resolution

Delegates voted 1,094 to 32 to approve LWVMO’s resolution.

LWVMO developed an urgent resolution “Racial Justice for Black People and All People of Color” that was overwhelmingly approved June 27 at the LWVUS National Convention. More than 20 state leagues cosponsored the resolution to advocate throughout our country for the eradication of systemic racism within every level of government; for the end of excessive force and brutality in law enforcement; and for equal protection under the law regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, and gender identity or sexual orientation.

Decision supports voting rights

The Missouri Supreme Court sent the absentee ballot case filed by the state chapters of the League of Women Voters and NAACP back to Cole County. It found “the petitioners present a real, substantial and presently existing controversy regarding the interpretation of Missouri’s absentee voting statute. The petitioners seek to protect the right to vote guaranteed by the Missouri Constitution and, given the upcoming August and November elections, their claims are ripe for judicial determination.”