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No Need to Limit the Petition Process or Increase Election Security

“The League of Women Voters of Missouri believes every citizen should have a voice in our government,” LWVMO President Marilyn McLeod said in an August 24 House Elections Committee hearing. “We do not see any need for legislation to limit the petition process in Missouri or increase election security. This committee should look for ways to increase voter participation, not limit it.”

Stressing the League’s support for increasing voter turn-out and the security of mail-in ballots used in the 2020 elections, McLeod called on the committee to move to no-excuse absentee ballots. Chair Don Shaul said the state won’t go back to mail-in voting. He asked if the League would support a photo ID requirement for no-excuse absentee ballots. McLeod said the League supports the current voter identification options.

In her testimony, McLeod encouraged the state to use federal money to help county clerks and other election authorities update voting equipment and make it easier for all eligible voters to cast their ballots securely.

Redistricting Panels Meet

“I hope the redistricting commissioners can step back from their party and try to focus on a fair, civil and transparent process that serves the people of Missouri,” LWVMO President Marilyn McLeod said after attending the House Redistricting Commission meeting on Aug. 10. “We are pleased that both commissions agreed to hold six public hearings this fall.”

The House Commission scheduled public hearings Oct. 18 in Springfield, Oct. 19 in Kansas City, and Oct. 21 in St. Louis, Nov. 4 in Jefferson City, Nov. 9 in Cape Girardeau, and Nov. 10 in Kirksville. The Senate Commission plans just three public hearings: Oct. 16 in St. Louis, Oct. 18 in Springfield, and Oct. 19 in Kansas City.

The League is asking for transparency in the process of drawing new House and Senate district maps. Click here or on the People Powered Maps image at right to see the list of commissioners.

The commissions have until Dec. 23 to submit a tentative plan for both chambers with the Secretary of State’s Office and will then have until Jan. 23 to finalize their work. If the bipartisan panels cannot reach an agreement, it goes to a judicial panel.

McLeod explained the redistricting process recently on the “Radio Friends with Paul Pepper” program. Watch the video at Click here for LWVMO’s position or here for an explanation of the difference between redistricting and gerrymandering from the ACLU.