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Share Input at Redistricting Hearings

Redistricting has a major impact on many aspects of our lives: education, healthcare, the environment and, most importantly, the voices of the people. New House and Senate district maps will shape our lives and our communities for the next 10 years. Fair maps are more likely to be achieved when the public is actively involved in the process. Here’s the schedule of public hearings for Missouri’s legislative redistricting commissions.

  • St. Louis: Saturday, October 16 Senate Commission Hearing and Thursday, October 21, House Commission Hearing, both at 10 am at the Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel
  • Springfield: Monday, October 18 House Commission hearing at 9 am, 18 Senate Commission Hearing at 1 pm, both at University Plaza Hotel & Convention Center
  • Kansas City: Tuesday, October 19 House Commission hearing at 9 am, Senate Commission Hearing at 1 pm, both at Kansas City Marriott Downtown (Note: parking can be validated)
  • Jefferson CityThursday, Nov. 4, House Commission hearing in the Jefferson Building, 205 Jefferson St., time TBD
  • Cape Girardeau: Tuesday, Nov. 9,  House Commission hearing at 10 am, Drury Plaza
  • KirksvilleNov. 10,  House Commission hearing at 10 am, location TBD

The League is asking for transparency in the process of drawing new House and Senate district maps. Click here or on the People Powered Maps image at right to see the list of commissioners. Contact Executive Director Jean Dugan at duganlwv@gmail.com or 314-961-6869 if you have any questions about testifying at these public hearings. To submit written testimony, go to https://oa.mo.gov/budget-planning/redistricting-office/public-testimony.

The commissions have until Dec. 23 to submit a tentative plan for both chambers with the Secretary of State’s Office and will then have until Jan. 23 to finalize their work. If the bipartisan panels cannot reach an agreement, it goes to a judicial panel. Those judges will have access to the testimony gathered at the Senate and House Redistricting Commission hearings.

McLeod explained the redistricting process recently on the “Radio Friends with Paul Pepper” program. Watch the video at https://youtu.be/z0958wB6NNA. Click here for LWVMO’s position or here for an explanation of the difference between redistricting and gerrymandering from the ACLU.