Daily Archives: October 16, 2021

LWVMO Testifying on Redistricting

Joan Hubbard, LWV member from Metro St. Louis, represented LWVMO at recent House and Senate Redistricting Commission hearings in St. Louis. She recognized the “once-a-decade impact that redistricting has on the power of voters and on the vitality of democracy in our state.” 

Hubbard said, “In all 50 states, the League stresses that honorable redistricting requires fairness, accuracy, transparency and maximum public participation and input.” She encouraged commissioners to draw maps in a transparent way and allow ample time for analysis and public comments. Click here for video of some of her testimony.

Several other League members testified, including Nancy Price, Angie Dunlap, Steve Skrainka, Nancy Thompson, Stefany Brot and Don Crozier.