Daily Archives: October 19, 2021

Kids Deserve Representation in General Assembly

Former President Evelyn Maddox told redistricting commissioners why they must use total population to ensure fair and just maps for Missouri at public hearings on Oct. 19. “If legislative district maps are based only on citizens of voting age, at least 22 percent of Missourians would lose representation in the General Assembly.”

“New district maps that are approved will be in place for the next decade,” Maddox testified. “A lot of changes will occur in the next 10 years, including current teenagers becoming eligible to vote, and refugees and other immigrants gaining citizenship and the right to vote. Are they to be denied their representation after becoming voters?”

Mary Lindsay, Anne Calvert and Sarah Starnes also testified at the Kansas City hearing, stressing the need for maps that are fair to everybody. Lindsay said, “We urge commissioners to draw House legislative districts which ensure that racial and language minorities share proportionally in the political process…. Innovative technology couldĀ ascertain evidence of partisan unfairness and signs of gerrymandering of districts through cracking and packing of communities.”