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Stick to the facts on social media

The League is proud to work with the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition to educate social media users on disinformation. Repeating a lie even to debunk it actually just helps perpetuate the lie.

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League Shares Nonpartisan Legislative District Maps

League leaders Sharon Schneeberger, Barbara Hoppe, Marilyn McLead and Nancy Copenhaver gave strong testimony at the House Redistricting hearing in Jefferson City. They stressed the need for fair legislative district maps that recognize and honor communities, keeping them together whenever possible.

“The League has long taken great interest in the redistricting process,” says LWVMO President Marilyn McLeod said. “For decades, our nonpartisan organization has fought for fair and effective representation of our government. Fair maps give citizens a voice in their government. Maps based on total population are key to getting state and federal funding distributed equitably.”

LWVMO’s Fair Redistricting Committee submitted a report and non-partisan maps developed for the League by academics at the University of Illinois’ Institute of Computational Redistricting (ICOR) to the portals for both the House and Senate Redistricting Commissions.

LWVMO Nonpartisan State Senate Plans prepared by ICOR:

LWVMO Nonpartisan State House plans prepared by ICOR:

Schneeberger told commissioners, “We look forward to seeing fairly drawn districts in your draft maps and trust you will give Missouri citizens time to analyze and understand them.”

Each commission was challenged to submit a tentative redistricting plan to the secretary of state’s office by the Dec. 22 deadline. Draft legislative district maps are available for citizens to review at If either bipartisan commission fails to agree on a plan, redistricting for that legislative chamber goes to a panel of judges.

Sharon Schneeberger
Marilyn McLeod
Nancy Copenhaver
Barbara Hoppe