Learn about new voter ID rules, restrictions on voter registration, absentee ballots

A new strict photo ID requirement will disenfranchise many students, seniors, non-drivers, and people with disabilities. HB1878 requires voters to show a non-expired government-issued photo ID to vote. Previously, acceptable ID to vote included a voter ID card, student ID, recent utility bill, or driver’s license that had recently expired.

“The League believes the state should be making it easier, not harder, for Missourians to exercise their fundamental right to vote,” LWVMO President Marilyn McLeod said in a release announcing a lawsuit filed by LWVMO and the NAACP. “Many voters used other forms of ID to vote on August 2 and have no idea that the ID rules are tightening for the November 8 election. There’s no evidence of voter impersonation in Missouri, so these extreme restrictions don’t make our elections any safer or more secure.” 

Voters should check the expiration date on their driver’s license.

Voters without the required ID can cast a provisional ballot, but it won’t count without a signature match. For more information, go to https://www.sos.mo.gov/elections.

The League and Sierra Club held a webinar on the changes at 7 pm on Sept. 1. Click here to watch the video.

On Sept. 7, League members from across the state visited the the Secretary of State’s office in Jefferson City to deliver dozens of forms that are now required to register as “voter solicitors.”

“This harsh and confusing new law punishes those who want to make our democracy stronger,” McLeod said. “If found guilty of helping a dozen people to register to vote or handing out blank absentee ballot request forms, a member of the League of Women Voters could be denied the right to vote for the rest of her life.”

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