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August 2014 Ballot Issues Guide Now Available

On the August ballot this year (the same ballot as your primary election ballot), there are several important issues to vote on. The League of Women Voters has taken a stand on some ballot issues, but not others. On our Ballot Issues Guide, we have reproduced the ballot language and added explanations. When the League has chosen a side, we note this, as well. Naturally, individual League members can and do disagree on issues, but the League as a body takes positions on ballot issues after discussion and debate at our annual state conference, regarding issues touching on existing League positions and priorities at the national or state level.

No matter which political party ballot you pick up when you vote in the Missouri primary election August 5th, you will see these statewide ballot issues.  If you choose an “independent” ballot, you will only see ballot issues, not people competing to run for office.

LWV-MO Convention May 4-5 Weekend

The state League convention will be held on Saturday, May 4 to Sunday, May 5 at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City.
In addition to the important business of our organization, there will be guest speakers, workshops, the launch of our Oral History Project, presentation of Awards, a fun wine fundraiser, and, of course, a great opportunity to network with other “Leaguers” from around the state.
Official delegates from local League chapters will be joined by non-voting observers. If you are interested in attending in either capacity, please contact the president (or a co-president) of your local chapter.  The registration deadline is April 5.
While in Jefferson City, we have scheduled a guided tour of the old Missouri State Penitentiary, a fascinating place to explore. The tour is set for Friday, May 3, from 3-5 p.m. before the Convention officially begins on Saturday.
For more information on guest speakers, accommodations, planned activities and a printable registration form, see the 2nd Call To Convention 2013 .

January 23 is Capitol Action Day – Don’t Be Shy!

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, January 23, 2013 for Capitol Action Day in Jefferson City.  Members attending will distribute Legislative Priority palm cards, to let our legislators know our organization’s legislative priorities for the coming session.  Those interested in meeting with their State Representative or State Senator are encouraged to schedule an appointment or contact their office ahead of time.  This is a day to meet with Legislators, share our priorities and our willingness to develop a line of communication.  Inclement weather make-up day is January 30.

We will meet on Jan. at 9:30 am near the information desk on the first floor of the Capitol building. For more information on Capitol Action Day, see the first article in the January-February 2013 Voter or contact Marty Ott at

The 2012 Election: What Happened and What It Means

Just a few days following the November 2012 election, the featured speaker for our fall conference (Saturday November 10) will be Dr. Terry B. Smith, who will provide an analysis of the national and state election results and what they mean for policy and politics between now and 2016. We think his thoughtful comments will lead to lots of interesting discussions.  For more information, please see the November-December 2012 Voter.

LWVMO and the Ballot Issues, New Voter published

The League of Women Voters of Missouri has taken positions on two ballot issues, the proposed cigarette tax increase and the proposed changes to the Missouri Court Plan.  Explanations of our positions are linked in the Issues menu above.

These issue explanations are a part of the September-October 2012 Voter.  Other items in the Voter include:

  • Fall Conference planned for November 10, with printable registration form
  • 2012 LWVUS Convention report
  • Missouri Legislative Report
  • Public Advocacy for Voter Protection


New Website

The League is transitioning from its previous website to this one.

Starting Sunday August 12, the address will begin being directed to this page.  This is where the most current information for the League of Women Voters of Missouri can be found.

–Rachel Brekhus, Web Manager, LWV-MO