2018 Elections


AMENDMENT 1: Clean up Missouri Politics: CLEAN Missouri’s initiative increases fairness, accountability, integrity and transparency in Missouri politics. Most of the provisions of Amendment 1 took effect on Dec. 6, 2018.

  • Lowers campaign contribution limits to $2,500 for state Senate candidates and $2,000 for state House candidates
  • Eliminates almost all lobbyist gifts to members of the General Assembly
  • Requires that all legislative records be open to the public, including committee reports, correspondence and electronic communication, and allow taping of all meetings open to the public
  • Requires politicians to wait two years after leaving office before becoming paid lobbyists
  • Ensures that neither political party is given an unfair advantage when new legislative district maps are drawn after each census. An independent demographer would draw maps that would then be reviewed by a citizen commission that must hold public hearings. Currently, politicians draw the maps to protect incumbents and their parties.

AMENDMENT 2: MEDICAL MARIJUANA – Care of Veterans: Amends the Missouri Constitution to allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes with a 4% tax on its retail sale at dispensaries. Funds estimated at $18 million would go toward veterans’ health programs, including Veterans’ Homes, state operating costs and $6 million to local governments for their costs if they have a retail marijuana facility or a marijuana growing facility. The Missouri Department of Revenue would oversee the taxation and revenue regulations. Local governments may not refuse to allow a facility within their jurisdiction. The Department of Health and Senior Services would license and regulate marijuana and marijuana facilities. It creates the Missouri Veterans Health Commission for Health and Care of Veterans to oversee use of the license fee and tax. Approximately $7 million will be spent on state operating costs. The 30-day allowed prescription amount is 4 oz.

PROPOSITION B: MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE: This initiative by Raise Up Missouri raised the state’s minimum wage from $7.85 an hour in 2018 to $8.60 an hour on Jan. 1, 2019. It will go up by 85 cents an hour each year until it reaches $12 per hour in 2023. Prop B would account for changes in the Consumer Price Index after 2023 and penalize employers who do not pay their workers minimum wage. Minimum pay also increase for restaurant staff and other exempt workers (51 percent of the minimum wage in 2019 rising to 60 percent in 2024). Government employers and businesses with annual gross income less than $500,000 are not required to pay the state minimum wage.


AMENDMENT 4: BINGO: The Missouri Management and Advertisement of Bingo Games amendment was submitted by the General Assembly to lower the time required for someone to belong to a group before he/she can manage a bingo game for the organization from two years to six months, and to remove the constitutional ban on advertising for bingo games. A constitutional amendment was necessary because the original authorization approving Bingo in the state was passed as a constitutional amendment.

Candidate Information – 2018: Local Leagues in Columbia, Kansas City, Springfield and St. Louis gathered information on local candidates and ballot issues for the August Primary. Vote411.org is the League’s resource for information on candidates and ballot issues.

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