Fair Maps – Redistricting in 2021

Click here for the League’s Fair Maps Fact Sheet.

LWV of Missouri will be posting resources to advocate for a fair and transparent process to draw new legislative district maps after detailed Census data is released in late August. The Governor made his appointment to House and Senate redistricting commissions on July 9.

Senate Redistricting Commission:
1st CD: Maryann Manion (R) and Farrakhan Shegog (D)
2nd CD: Gary Grewe (R) and Nicole Greer (D)
3rd CD: Jim Berberich (R) and Mike Frame (D)
4th CD: Lowell Pearson (R) and Kevin Rusnak (D)
5th CD: Kay Hoflander (R) and Andrea Flinders (D)
6th CD: Aaron Baker (R) and Joni Wickham (D)
7th CD: Chris Slinkard (R) and Randy Alberhasky (D)
8th CD: Leann Green (R) and Leamon Asher (D)
Statewide: Mark Ellinger and Joseph S. Passanise (R),  Matt Dameron and Susan Montee (D)

House Redistricting Commission:
1st CD: Jerry Hunter (R) and Keena Smith (D)
2nd CD: Matt Maher (R) and Harvey Ferdman (D)
3rd CD: Jonathan Ratliff (R) and Mark Schaeperkoetter (D)
4th CD: Daniel Wilson (R) and Jason Ludwig (D)
5th CD: Vicki Riley (R) and Melissa Patterson Hazley (D)
6th CD: James Thomas III (R) and Penny Adams (D)
7th CD: Alan Griffin (R) and Laura Cox (D)
8th CD: Becky Leonard (R) and Michael Moroni (D)
Statewide: Pat Thomas and Curtis Jared (R), Rick Shang and Kay Mills (D)

— Click on the image at left to view the April 29 presentation or here to request a Speakers Bureau presentation.

— Watch Marilyn McLeod explain the redistricting process in Missouri to Paul Pepper at https://youtu.be/z0958wB6NNA.

— Click here for directions on how to use Districtr to map communities of interest.

— Click here for Fair Maps Matter, a guest column by Evelyn Maddox printed in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on April 15.

— Click here for a Redistricting presentation prepared by Mary Lindsay or here for one by Sarah Starnes.

— Click on the image at left for a recording of “People Power Makes Us Strong.” Singer/songwriter Shanna Jones performs the anthem with lyrics written by Bill Clause.

— LWVUS worked with the Campaign Legal Center on this report: Designing a Transparent and Ethical Redistricting Process: A Guide to Ensuring that the Redistricting Process is Fair, Open, and Accessible.

— Click here for information from the Brennan Center for Justice on the Efficiency Gap that is used to determine the extent of political gerrymandering.

— Click here for information on communities of interest.


In November 2020, Missouri voters were deceived into replacing Clean Missouri’s non-partisan redistricting plan with a more partisan process that will make it harder to challenge the final maps in court. Under Amendment 3:

  • Instead of a non-partisan demographer, bipartisan commissions will draw the new maps. After the Census releases statewide data, political party officials will nominate members for the House and Senate Commissions from each of the eight congressional districts. The Governor will have 30 days to choose 10 Republicans and 10 Democrats to appoint to each commission.
  • The criteria of competitiveness and partisan fairness, which would provide a more level playing field for legislative candidates, now have a lower priority than population, contiguous districts, and the rules for county boundaries. 
  • A 70 percent vote is required to approve new maps (14 out of the 20 members of each commission). If a commission cannot agree on a map, it will go to a redistricting panel of six Missouri Court of Appeals judges.

Click here for information on People Powered Fair Maps, the LWVUS national redistricting program. LWVMO’s Fair Redistricting Committee is headed by Sharon Schneeberger of Columbia. Direct questions to league@lwvmissouri.org.

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