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The updated Guide to State Action 2021-2023 contains LWVMO’s policy positions.

2021 – 2023 STATE PROGRAM

(Program Positions in Brief, as Approved by 2021 LWVMO Convention)


Constitutional Revision                                                      Adopted 1941, Updated 1962, Revised 2017

Support of specific constitutional revisions to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of state government.

County Home Rule                                                              Adopted 01-08-1971

Support of measures to extend home rule to counties.

Voting Rights                                                                       Adopted 1919, Updated 1966, 1970

Support of an accurate, efficient, accessible, accountable, and uniform election process.

Support of measures to ensure a secret ballot.

Support of absentee voting, advance voting and measures that facilitate participation in the election process.                                                                                  Adopted 2010 

Support the fundamental right of every citizen to vote         Adopted 2015        

Money in Politics                                                     

Campaign Finance                                                                 Adopted 12-1978, Updated 2015

The complete lack of limits on payments in Missouri is a cause of substantial concern.

This, coupled with the enormous influx of virtually uncontrolled money flowing into the election process, calls for LWVMO to be more direct in its position.

Legislative Reform                                                              Adopted 1964, Updated 1967, 2017

Support of measures to improve the organization and powers of the Missouri General Assembly including the Sunshine Law and limiting campaign contributions and lobbyist gifts as included in Amendmen1, 2018. See guide to State Action for the specifics of the Amendment. State Board recommended this change.

Support of standards for apportionment to make congressional and legislative districts as compact, contiguous, and as nearly equal in population as possible with no partisan gerrymandering as included in Amendment 1, 2018. See Guide to State Action for the specifics of the Amendment. State Board Recommended this change.

Presidential Nominee Selection Process                 Adopted 1970, Updated 1986    

Support of measures to increase the informed participation of Missouri citizens in the selection of presidential nominees.

The Election Process                                                Adopted 2021

 Support and advocate for alternative voting systems. (In concurrence with LWVUS Impact on Issues.)   


Judicial System                                                         Adopted 1940, Updated 2007

Support of a flexible unified system of courts under the Supreme Court.

Support of the Nonpartisan Court Plan and an improved system of selection, tenure and retirement of judges.

Juvenile Justice                                                         Adopted 1974, Updated 1987

 Support of measures to ensure a coordinated system of juvenile justice which treats children fairly and effectively.

Criminal Justice                                Adopted 2021 by concurrence with LWV CA and LWV AZ  

Support and advocate for a criminal justice system that is just, effective, equitable, transparent, and that fosters public trust at all stages.


Air Quality                                                             Adopted 2015 

Promote measures to reduce pollution from mobile and stationary sources  

Our air quality in Missouri should be protected and promoted, taking into account air pollution caused by motor vehicles, power plants, factory farming, waste disposal and other challenges to our environment.

Energy                                                                     Adopted 2008, Updated 2010, 2017

Support energy goals and policies that acknowledge the United States as a responsible member of the world community and actions by appropriate levels of government to encourage the uses of renewable resources and energy conservation.

Land Use and Growth Management                      Adopted 1976 Based on National Positions 1986 Support for the adoption and implementation of long range land use plans and regulations by state, county and municipal governments which incorporate sound policy development based upon the goals, needs and resources of each locale.

Water                                                                         Adopted 1958, Updated 1989

Support of a comprehensive water policy for Missouri, one that includes the public trust doctrine.

Hazardous and Solid Waste                                    Adopted 1972, Updated 1987

Support of strong provisions to fulfill state and local government’s responsibility for hazardous and solid waste management.

Climate Change                                                          Adopted 2017

Recognize manmade climate change as a critical threat to the planet.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion                                 Missouri Adopted US Policy in 2019

LWV is an organization fully committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in principle and in practice.

Equal Rights Amendment                                          US Adopted Policy in 1972

LWV is committed to passing the Equal Rights Amendment.

Equality of Opportunity                          US Adopted Policy in 1969, revised in 1989, 1972, 1980, 2010

LWV believes that the federal government shares with other levels of government the responsibility to provide equality of opportunity for education, employment and housing for all persons in the United States.

Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action through legislative and regulatory approaches.

Pay Equity

The League work on equal pay for jobs of comparable worth stemmed from member concern over the feminization of poverty.

Education                                                                   Adopted 1965, Updated 1970, 1974, 1983 Support for equal opportunity in education, access to quality programs and adequate financing.

Charter Schools                                                          Adopted 1999, Updated 2007, 2015

The League does not support or oppose charter schools. Since Missouri law permits Charter schools, the League supports criteria for governance and operations similar to those of traditional public schools, but accountability and accreditation the same as those of traditional public schools.

Payday and Title Loans                                           Adopted 2021

Support policies, ordinances, legislation, and programs that allow a small dollar loan market that maintains access to affordable credit while safeguarding consumers.


Fiscal Policy                                                                            Adopted 1940, Updated 1973, 2003

Support of a balanced and progressive tax system to finance necessary governmental services. Opposition to revenue and expenditure limits to control the growth of state government. Fiscal policy should be in state statutes, rather than the Constitution.

Tax Increment Financing                          Adopted 2021 by concurrence with LWV KC/JCP Counties

Support policies, ordinances, legislation, and programs that ensure strict qualifications for property tax abatement to protect funding of other agencies and benefits to the community.


Health care position of LWVUS                                   Adopted 1993

Behavioral Health                                                      Adopted 2015, Amended 2016, 2019

Support an adequately funded behavioral health care system, and strengthens families. Implement full insurance parity for behavioral health care.

Family Planning                                    Adopted 1988 by concurrence with Springfield/Green Co. Support state family planning programs and educational programs about family planning including funding for these programs.

Medical Marijuana                                                     Adopted 2015

Support legislation which allows marijuana for medical treatments.

Support treating possession as one of the lowest law enforcement priorities.


Minimum Wage                                                        Adopted 2018 (Concurrence St. Louis Metro) Promote a minimum wage of at least $12.00/hr. in Missouri to advance self-sufficiency for individuals and families.

Gun Control                                                             Adopted 2014

Promote the protection of the health and safety of citizens through limiting the accessibility and regulating the ownership of handguns and semi-automatic weapons. Support regulation of firearms for consumer safety.

Human Trafficking                                                 Adopted 2015

The League opposes all forms of domestic and international human trafficking. The League supports appropriate legislation and policy to lead to strict enforcing of these laws; services for victims; and education and awareness in our communities and schools.

Public Libraries                                                      Adopted 2007, Amended 2013

Support of a public library system as a basic community service, including internet access, with a long-term assured, stable and adequate funding source.

Support of access by all persons to public library services as a major source of knowledge and information necessary for informed, active participation in a democratic society.

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