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Honor the 100th Anniversary of the League of Women Voters of Missouri with a donation or merchandise purchase. The address to mail a donation to LWVMO or its Education Fund is 8706 Manchester Rd., Suite 104, St. Louis, MO 63144.

See the LWVMO Virtual Wares Market brochure for League merchandise offered by Ragar Banners of Sedalia, MO. All of the profit on the sales of these items goes toward the work of the LWV of Missouri. For pricing, send an e-mail to

This site sells all League merchandise, including display items and publications and branding items. Please click the images below to find the items you’d like. See vests and display items for Sashes and the Suffrage and Flapper cut-outs, shown below in Corpus Christi, Texas. LWVMO has some of its most popular 100th Anniversary merchandise at a special Convention Wares Market.

From Elaine in Sunnyvale, CA: “Thank you for the lovely table cloth. I showed it to our Board tonight and they were very pleased. Really appreciate you making this available to other Leagues.”

From Connie in St. Louis: “I’ve always felt privileged to support the League of Women Voters. It is a major source of unbiased opinion of state legislation and proposals to guide voters. I look forward to continuing to support the League financially. My best wishes to all of its dedicated members for a successful future.”

Donate to LWVMO (501c4) or its Education Fund (501c3)!

If your area doesn’t have a local League, donate $42 to LWVMO to join as an at-large member!

Pins, Buttons, & More! 


Sashes, Patches, & Display Items!
Table Runner

Click here to order 2022 calendars!

Publications buttonimage

Items may be purchased online, by mail or by calling 314-961-6869.

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