2022 Calendars

The League is rushing to get out orders for 2022 calendars. The price has just been reduced from $7 to $5, plus shipping.  Unfortunately, this will be the last year LWVMO offers calendars.

To order your 2022 calendar today:

  • Fill out the online form below and submit payment,

  • Call the office OR

  • Print the 2022 Calendar Order Form and mail it with payment information to:

League of Women Voters of Missouri
8706 Manchester Rd., Suite 104
St. Louis, MO 63144

Call 314-961-6869 or Email league@lwvmissouri.org with questions. Please include your name, address, telephone number and email.

Price for 2022 League of Women Voters Calendar

1-3 calendars – $5 each plus $4 shipping & handling

4-9 calendars – $5 each plus $10 shipping & handling

For orders of 10 or more calendars, please contact the League office at 314-961-6869.


Payment must accompany orders. 


  1. Roberta Young

    Hi- This is Roberta Young from the LWV Northwest Wayne County. I purchase calendars from you for our League. I called a couple of weeks ago and someone was supposed to get back to me about when your calendars will be ready for mailing. I need to know the price and the mailing costs so I can pass that on to our members. We have several members who would like to get their calendars ASAP.

  2. Hi, I remember the League’s calendars from 50 years ago. They were a heavy paper stock, on a (silky feeling) light weight, red rope. Each page (month) was held together by this rope-like string. It was very, very practical. I’m guessing the calendars these days are not like that any more, correct? I was looking for a photo. No luck.
    Thank you, Lynn

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