2022 Calendars

Unfortunately, this will be the last year LWVMO offers calendars.

We are currently sending free copies of our 2022 Wall Calendar while supplies last. To request calendars, please contact the League office to arrange payment for shipping at league@lwvmissouri.org or at 314-961-6869.


  1. Roberta Young

    Hi- This is Roberta Young from the LWV Northwest Wayne County. I purchase calendars from you for our League. I called a couple of weeks ago and someone was supposed to get back to me about when your calendars will be ready for mailing. I need to know the price and the mailing costs so I can pass that on to our members. We have several members who would like to get their calendars ASAP.

  2. Hi, I remember the League’s calendars from 50 years ago. They were a heavy paper stock, on a (silky feeling) light weight, red rope. Each page (month) was held together by this rope-like string. It was very, very practical. I’m guessing the calendars these days are not like that any more, correct? I was looking for a photo. No luck.
    Thank you, Lynn

  3. Priscilla Leith

    I love your calendars! Are there any organizations you know of that will be selling similar calendars for 2023 and beyond???

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