Since 2017 when the photo ID law passed. the Secretary of State had used to share information. In October 2018, the Missouri Court of Appeals sided with the League and the NAACP in our challenge of the Secretary of State’s implementation of this law. The court found “insufficient appropriation” for giving advance notice to voters and providing ID and underlying documents for voters to obtain a government-issued photo ID without cost. The court ordered the case back to the trial court. Attorney Denise Lieberman said this ruling is a recognition that the state cannot implement onerous voting rules and not provide the mechanisms to effectively implement them.

In a similar suit brought by Priorities USA, the Missouri Supreme Court said voters with identification but not a driver’s license or passport don’t have to sign an affidavit to get a regular ballot on Nov. 6. Acceptable forms of ID include a voter ID card, college ID, utility bill and bank statement with name and current address.

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