In October 2018, the Missouri Court of Appeals sided with the League and the NAACP in our challenge of the Secretary of State’s implementation of a photo ID law. The court found “insufficient appropriation” for giving advance notice to voters and providing ID and underlying documents for voters to obtain a government-issued photo ID without cost. The court ordered the case back to the trial court. Attorney Denise Lieberman said this ruling is a recognition that the state cannot implement onerous voting rules and not provide the mechanisms to effectively implement them.

In a similar suit brought by Priorities USA, the Missouri Supreme Court said voters with identification but not a driver’s license or passport don’t have to sign an affidavit to get a regular ballot. While strict photo ID legislation has again been introduced in the General Assembly, acceptable forms of ID to vote in 2022 include a voter ID card, college ID, utility bill and bank statement with name and current address.

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