Suffrage Proclamation

The League will recognize the Centennial of Missouri’s ratification of the 19th Amendment on Monday, July 8. Secretary of State Ashcroft will present a proclamation signed by Governor Mike Parson in the Capitol Rotunda at 2 pm. The proclamation concludes: Whereas, the State of Missouri recognizes that the League of Women Voters of Missouri, which arose from the Missouri Woman Suffrage Association, has worked to educate and empower voters since its founding in October 1919, and Whereas, the citizens of Missouri appreciate the struggles of the Suffragists and others who fought for the right to vote by all citizens; Now, therefore, I, Michael L. Parson, Governor of the State of Missouri, do hereby recognize the 100th Anniversary of the Ratification of the 19th Amendment.

While in the rotunda we will take a photo with a plaque installed in 1931 by the Missouri League of Women Voters. It lists members by name with an inscription saying it’s a tribute to those women in Missouri whose courageous work opened the opportunities of complete citizenship to all women in the state. 

League leaders will gather for lunch before the presentation at Madison’s Café, 216 Madison St., Jefferson City. RSVP to Marilyn McLeod at

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